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JMeter Dashboard – Grafana/InfluxDB using Docker

In the world of performance testing, there is no doubt, that JMeter is most powerful and widely used open source tool but lots of features are still not available in JMeter. One of them is analyzing performance test during execution . We always run JMeter scripts in Non GUI Mode to avoid memory issue but we get little or poor metrics in non GUI mode(Command prompt) ,Also there is no feature in JMeter for online reporting/Dashboard.

one of solution is to use Grafana and InfluxDB.

Grafana is an open-source platform for time series analytics, which allows you to create real-time graphs based on time series data.

InfluxDB is the time series database which is used as a temporary metrics storage.

you can find many articles to setup/install the Grafana/InfluxDB with JMeter but its a time taking to setup and use.

This article will show you that how to build a comprehensive lightweight performance monitoring solution from scratch, by using open source tools Docker .

These tools can provide you with outstanding monitoring and analysis abilities of your performance scripts. There are many options to install both of these tools separately or together, but the most efficient and easy is by using the Docker technology which save time. As soon as you have built the docker file that contains all the tools integrated together in the right way, it takes just a few minutes to spin up these tools anywhere and by anybody


There are some prerequisites.In order to use the prepared docker file, you need to have the following installed:

  • Docker – to spin up the containers with InfluxDB and Grafana. Installation steps here.
  • Docker Compose – to integrate the InfluxDB and Grafana containers together and have just one script to rule them all. Installation steps here.

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