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Parallel Testing with Zalenium using AKS

Selenium is most widely used open source tool for UI automation testing. As we are moving towards more Agile development and faster delivery of software product, QA team are getting short time frame to perform the testing ,so QA developers are finding ways to execute the tests in parallel to save the time .Selenium provides grid to perform the parallel test execution.

Below blog covers below topic

  • Parallel Testing
  • Challenges with selenium grid
  • What is Zalenium (in brief)
  • Why to use Zalenium?
  • Zalenium Features
  • Deploying zalenium on AKS cluster using Helm chart (Zalenium Basic Authentication Enabled)

Parallel Testing

  • Parallel Testing is a testing technique in which multiple tests are executed simultaneously in different threads to reduce execution time.
  • It allows us to execute multiple tests at the same time across different environments/Browsers instead of running tests one by one or sequentially.
  • Parallel testing helps us to run test methods/classes/tests in parallel.
  • Parallel testing helps to reduce execution time and efforts and results in faster delivery.
  • It helps in cross browser testing, compatibility testing, localization, and internalization testing.
  • It will help you to increase ROI  (return of Investment).
  • TestNG is a testing framework for Java that helps in parallel testing or parallel execution.

Challenges with selenium grid

Selenium have a Hub-Node architecture in which we need to setup machines to make hub and nodes to perform the parallel test execution. This selenium grid infrastructure setup is having below issues:

  • Have a stable grid to run UI tests with Selenium
  • Maintain it over time (keep up with new browser, Selenium and driver’s versions)
  • Provide capabilities to cover all browsers and platforms

The solution to above challenges is Zalenium was created to solve the widespread issue that a lot of people have when you have some tests, and you want to start running them in parallel.


A flexible and scalable container-based Selenium Grid with video recording, live preview, basic auth & dashboard. Start a Selenium Grid in seconds, a grid that scales up and down dynamically with this solution based on docker-selenium to run your tests in Firefox and Chrome.

Zalenium’ s main goal is: to allow anyone to have a disposable and flexible Selenium Grid infrastructure

Zalenium Features

  • Allow anyone to have a disposable and flexible Selenium Grid infrastructure
  • Zalenium Dashboard
  • Zalenium Live Preview
  • Video Recording
  • Integrated with Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, TestingBot, CrossBrowserTesting, LambdaTest
  • Test status and steps directly in the video
  • Basic auth grid protection when deploying Zalenium in the cloud (AWS, GCP, …)
  • Mount volumes across containers when you need to specific files in your tests
  • Customizing screen width and height, and time zone

Running Zalenium in Multiple ways:

  • Docker ,Docker Swarm & Docker Compose.
  • Kubernetes (Minikube, helm chart, AKS) & Openshift
  • One line installer and starter for OSX/Linux .

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