Selenium Test Report Attachment in Azure Pipeline Result

In today’s world of agile testing , we need faster delivery of software for that IT world now using latest tools and technologies to speedup the development of software . CI/CD is now widely in use in almost every IT organization. if we talk about QA then definitely we want to executes our tests through pipeline .Below article is all about how one can upload/pushed results and attach HTML(or any kind of reports) to test results in Azure pipeline test results.

Custom error message and exception details can also be passed through Nunit .

As selenium TestNG by default generates JUnit XML reports for any test execution which we used to upload the results in azure pipeline. but Junit report format does not support report uploading. Nunit report format support uploading/attachment of file . Azure devops supports ,Junit,Nunit, VSTest, XUnit and CTest report format to upload the results in azure pipeline using “Publish Test Results” task.

By using Nunit result format we can upload the test results generated by any automation tool which we can execute through azure pipeline like UFT, Selenium etc

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