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Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) is software that provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments.

UFT automates functional tests by recording the actions of a user on the system under test and replaying the actions on demand to execute a test. The recorded actions are stored in UFT as a simple program known as a script. Scripts can be displayed in UFT either as a Visual Basic Script (VB Script) program (expert view), or as a sequence of steps labelled by icons (keyword view). The tool can test the success or failure of any step with a ‘checkpoint’, which compares the actual result produced by the system under test at the time of execution, with an expected result stored in UFT at the time of recording.

Though it is industry standard , market leading tool for automation but the HTML repot it creates does not fit into our requirement .We dnt like and use reports generated by UFT. How we can generate or get HTML reports as per our requirements similar to extent repots in selenium?

Dnt be bothered .We have a solution for this

So it is possible to create customized HTML reports as per our requirement . This blog is all about it ,how to create Customized HTML report which is similar & inspired by Extent report in selenium.

Two types of reports we have created :

  1. Test Summary Report – It contains details(pass, fail , duration etc) about all tests executed .

2. Test Detail Report – It contains detail ( steps pass , fail , screenshot etc) about the test steps for individual test. This report will be created separately for individual test.

we have ready made code which you incorporate into your frame work for these reports to get generated . you can purchase the code after a live demo . Please feel free to contact us .

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