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Selenium Integration with Xray JIRA

Selenium is a popular open-source(free) web-based automation tool.It allows test automation of web-apps or websites across different browsers & operating systems. It also offers compatibility with multiple programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and more, allowing testers to automate in any programming language. Due to various programming language selenium can be integrated easily with other tools.

JIRA is most popular tool agile project management , Now most of product developments follow agile methodology ,as Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. It provides flexibility for frequent changes during software development .

Xray is JIRA plugin for test management just like ALM , we can have test plan ,test cases ,test execution ,test sets all similar to ALM. if you are using Xray as a test management and selenium as an automation tool then you required selenium integration with Xray JIRA for uploading the results & Reports through automation instead of manually executing and uploading tests in Xray JIRA.

For E2E automation you can use this integration to reduce the time , effort and cost in executing and uploading the results in Xray JIRA manually .We have successfully integrated the Xray JIRA with selenium. There are two below versions of JIRA.



We have integration solution for both versions of JIRA. We will provide below services to our clients:

1.Code (Java)

2.Assistance in implementing the code

Our integration solution will provide below Xray JIRA automated features:

  1. Result import / upload for Automated , Generic and Manual type tests in JIRA.
  2. HTML Report ( or any report or screen shot ) attachment under “Evidence” section of the test execution.
  3. For Manual Type , solution is capable of uploading the test step actual and screenshot for every test step
  4. Automatic creation of Test Execution.

HTML zipped report attachment

Manual test result upload test step wise:

Manual test step expected and screenshot .

Test step actual

To purchase this solution .Kindly connect with us or send us email contactus@q-automations.com for more info , price and for any query.

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