How to record iOS Native Mobile application Using JMeter.

JMeter Setup:

• Launch the JMeter in Admin mode METER_HOME/bin, Start jmeter.bat or

• Under JMeter Test Plan –>Workbench, add ‘HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder’.

• You can add a ‘View Results Tree’ under ‘HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder’ to see the request & response details while recording. (It is not mandatory to have it.)

• Connect the Mobile Device and system with same Wi-Fi network.

• Setup the any port number, 2020 and click start button.

• JMeter will create a certificate –ApacheJMeterTemporaryRootCA.crt under JMETER_HOME/bin Send the certificate to your email.

iOS Device Setup:

• In your ipad/mobile device, open the – ApacheJMeterTemporaryRootCA.crt – file & Install. We would need this if the iOS app uses HTTPS which will lead to SSL handshake issue.

• Trust the certificate- Setting>General>About>Certificate Trust Settings ,Turn On that certificate Button.

• On your Iphone Mobile, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and click the arrow next your Wi-Fi connection. Under “HTTP Proxy”, select the Manual button and enter your desktop’s IP address in the Server field. Then enter “2020″ in the Port field.

• Now navigate your business flow and Jmeter start recording your mobile application.

Similarly we can setup for android as well. you can record any application if your device support proxy setting